Why Your Gilbert Business Needs a Disaster Recovery Plan

Gilbert Business Needs a Disaster Recovery Plan

How long would your business survive if you lost all of your data? For most businesses, it would be a short amount of time. Whether disaster is caused by nature, hackers, or technology errors, your Gilbert business needs a disaster recovery plan. The team at Gordian Networks is here to help! What is a Backup […]

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Why Single User Accounts are a Thing of the Past

single user accounts

There was a time when you turned on a computer and everyone logged into and used the same account. It didn’t matter who you were or what your role was, the same account was used across the board. Whether at home or in your office where you work or run your business, chances are, multiple […]

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Social Media for Legal Teams

Social Media for Legal Teams

When it comes to social media for legal teams, it’s really about defining why you’re wanting to market online, choosing the right places to do it, and engaging wit community. Let’s start with WHY you’re waiting to market your law firm on social media.  As with any marketing, there is a cost. Whether in your […]

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What could ransomware attacks cost your practice?

What could ransomware attacks cost your practice

When the City of Atlanta was cyberattacked, the hackers demanded $50,000 to restore the city’s networks but that wasn’t the only casualty. The cost to fix the system is $2.7 million and crosses over multiple security firms and various departments across the city. If hackers breached your network, what could ransomware attacks cost your practice? […]

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You’re Fired! What to Do When You Let a Gilbert Employee Go.

Gilbert employee

As a business owner, you need to make tough calls and when you let a Gilbert employee go, the IT Department needs to be involved. Relieving someone of their position in your company is hard enough without having to worry about what action tasks have to be completed pre and post termination. One piece of […]

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TECH TIP: Social Media for Medical Practices

Social Media for Medical Practices

Social media for medical practices is no longer an option but a necessity especially when it comes to building and maintaining patient relationships. Not only that but it is important to understand the online reputation of your business, the medical practice, so that you can respond and improve the service you’re providing. You can’t live […]

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What is Net Neutrality and How Could It Impact Your Chandler Business?

Net Neutrality and How Could It Impact Your Chandler Business

In December 2017, the FCC voted to end net neutrality, a concept put into law by the Obama administration. What is net neutrality and how could it impact your Chandler business? Net neutrality is the principle that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) treat all digital content equally no matter what the content is or where it […]

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Apps for Legal Professionals…and what to do when apps fail

apps for legal professionals

As a lawyer, paralegal, or court reporter, it is important to stay organized, be efficient, and protect data. At Gordian Networks, we’re all about protecting data from breaches, while at the same time, making your technology work for you. We offer these apps for legal professionals and what to do when apps fail….because we know […]

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When Technology Goes Bad

when technology goes bad

When technology goes bad at your office it can be stressful and confusing. Who do you call? How long will it take for them to visit, assess, and fix the problem? Do you have the right people in place to resolve the issue? You hit panic mode. We get it because we calls from people […]

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