6 Easy Tips for Safe Internet Surfing

Safe Internet Surfing

Internet surfing is part of our personal and professional lives.  Whether we are finding a new gadget for our kitchen at home, researching topics for school, or looking up tips for the next project at work, we use websites. Surfing the Internet is integrated into our everyday lives.  Potential attackers are not just targeting big […]

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Avoid Phishing Emails in 4 Easy Steps

Woman avoiding phishing emails on her computer

Everyone receives phishing emails.  Even with the best spam filters and firewalls, emails that appear to be from someone familiar come through to inboxes across the world.   Some are obvious with text unrelated to the person’s hobbies and preferences.  Others are related to topics that relate to personal interests, from websites previously visited or from […]

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Avoid Security Breaches- Employee Education is the Key

Security breach employee education in a conference room

Security breaches are a threat to businesses everywhere.  How do you protect your small to medium sized business from disaster?  Employee education is the key. Surprisingly, the majority of security issues come from inadvertent mistakes that employees make at work.  Of course, companies need to have good antivirus protection and to back up data frequently, but how […]

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Cyber Security Tips- Computers Need Heroes Too

Gordian Networks Super Hero

Are you concerned about cyber security?  Should you be? Cyber Threats A shadowy, hulking creature crawls out of the dark, stealthily sneaking up to an unsuspecting, business building to steal the company’s secrets and valuable, one of a kind serums. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Superman!  He has come to save the day!  He […]

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What Does an IT Company Do?

In today’s business environment, engaging an IT support company could be one of the best things you can do for your business. These companies offer a wide range of services so you can procure the services you need for your clients. So, what does an IT company do? An IT company does a variety of […]

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