Tips on Mobile Management

Mobile Management

Mobile technology has saturated the workplace in so many ways, and companies encourage employees to go digital. Most of them provide their employees with company-owned devices to get the work done, whether in the office or working from home. Although many organizations have managed to improve their productivity through increased use of technology, it has […]

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How Your Small Business Should Implement Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions Phoenix

Today, whether you use it or not, the cloud is a significant part of most companies’ infrastructure. Since most workers cannot go to the office during the pandemic, it is necessary to use the cloud as the workers do not have access to the company network. Some businesses have managed to keep running without using […]

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Why A Ransomware Attack Can Cause Such a Big Loss


Ransomware is one of the most expensive cyber crimes because of the problems it imposes on your business. It is essential to know some of these problems that you can expect with this particular cyberattack that causes your business. Downtime Most of the losses caused by a ransomware attack are losses related to downtime because […]

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Does Your Company Need a Security and Compliance Audit?

security audit for small business phoenix az

Many businesses fail when it comes to their IT security vulnerability. With increased reliance on information technology (IT), the value of information assets has increased, and the chances of being breached are high. This is a general overview of the IT industry, and it isn’t comforting if you consider how many businesses don’t make plans […]

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