Incredible Backups
and Disaster Recovery.

The next generation of Data Backups and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is here! Let Gordian Networks protect your data from hardware failure and other disasters and supervillains.

Disaster Recovery & Data Backups



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  • 1 Month Daily Backups
  • 250Gb Storage Space
  • Secure Off-site Backups
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  • Entire Basic Plan
  • 12 Months Archived Backups
  • 500Gb Storage Space
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  • Entire Startup Plan
  • Unlimited Storage Space
  • Full Hardware Recovery
  • 8 Hour Return to Operations
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  • Entire Pro Plan
  • 4 Hour Return to Operations
  • 12 Hour Data Currency
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Shield Your Data with Backups and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Introducing iDRaaS, an amazing networking device and proprietary technology that allows even the smallest companies have the same level of data protection and disaster recovery capabilities of large corporation for as little as the price of a cup of coffee each day. Finally, there is Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) for the rest of us, and so affordable even small businesses can protect their data.

Companies have become increasingly reliant on computer technology to run critical parts of their businesses. So companies have come to rely on computer hard drives and servers to house all of their data, but have never stopped to ask themselves some very important questions.

Ask Yourself These Questions:

These questions are related and critical to know the answers to. If your company cannot survive very long without access to your company’s data, then you must have bulletproof backups and disaster recovery in place. In the past such robust disaster recovery plans have had a high cost barrier of entry. This high cost kept most small and medium sized businesses from being able to employ such safeguards to protect their data. Fortunately, those days are now gone.

Disaster Recovery Plans for Every Business!

Our iDRaaS plans can provide you with a variety of protections. Daily backups and archived backups each month spanning anywhere from 1-60 months keep multiple versions of your data readily accessible. Also, we have the ability to have a virtual copy of your entire computer or server available in case of a full-scale disaster or loss. This virtual copy of your computer or server can be turned on and accessed remotely within minutes of a disaster. Furthermore, this virtual copy can run in your environment without any complicated network changes. Therefore, your company can be up and running on this virtual copy like your server or computer is still fully operational in your building. In conclusion, any combination of these measures will keep your company running like business as usual when disaster strikes.

Powerful IT Support & Disaster Recovery is Just a Click Away.

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Why customers choose Gordian Networks

We provide simple solutions to complex IT problems.

  • Cutting-edge expertise and best practice network support solutions.
  • Top notch, fanatical service keeps your network infrastructure running smoothly.
  • Quick response and support for your servers and computers.
  • Quality solutions and network consulting services.
  • Incredible value as a member of your company’s team.
  • Quick & efficient IT support Phoenix services and consulting.
Floyd Daniels

“Gordian Networks has been instrumental in the setup and support of our electronic medical record application. We rely on their knowledge and expertise to keep our eClinicalWorks EMR system running smoothly. They are always there when we need them.”

Floyd Daniels / Practice Manager / Neurology Associates

Mason Bradshaw

“We always receive great support from Gordian Networks and consider them a valuable part of our company’s team. They keep our server and computers running smoothly, and are quick to respond whenever we need them.

Mason Bradshaw / Attorney / The Bradshaw Firm

Steve Parker

“Speaking from experience, Gordian Networks has succeeded for us where other IT companies have failed. They have developed custom technology solutions for our firm that work great, and have helped us become more efficient and profitable.”

Steve Parker / CPA, Principal / The Alt Key PLLC

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