How Can a Business Be Impacted by Unpatched Software?

Unpatched Software

Software often fails to work as intended, which is why developers find bugs and create patches to repair them. Cybersecurity software has similar vulnerabilities, and it is essential to fix them when they occur. Many businesses fail to install updates and patches, which can result in problems later on. Bear in mind that software bugs […]

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How Safe is Your Printer?

printer security

Almost every week, there is news about massive data breaches, yet most organizations’ exposure to these crimes is through the printer. Companies are estimated to lose not less than $6 trillion globally through cybercrimes. However, most of that loss is through areas, some of which are still not addressed to this day. Most businesses keep […]

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Some IT Best Practices in Businesses

IT Support

Before implementing any form of technology in your business, it is essential to think of affordability. When making decisions concerning the use of technology in businesses, it is paramount to consider how each of the technologies you implement will affect your budget and the operation of your business. You also have to think of the […]

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Guide To the Right Management Software

Choose The Right Management Software

It is hardly possible for businesses to run today without software. Software is used to help manage the functions of your business, and it can be bought using different methods. With the much management software in the market, businesses need to choose the one that will suit their needs. It also needs to offer long-term […]

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What Is A VPN?

VPN Phoenix
VPN Phoenix Small Business

With the Covid-19, there has been a huge change in how people handle business. Among the biggest shifts has been the designing of a remote workforce. As a way to adhere to the set regulation, most people have to work from home. That forced companies to find ways that they can use to transfer the […]

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Wired Or Wireless Connections; Which One Should You Use?

Wired or Wireless

For a long time, businesses have used wired connections to attach different endpoints. Now, technological advances have made it possible for two points to connect wirelessly. As a result, businesses choose to make decisions when it comes to selecting the connectivity options they will use. Unfortunately, most businesses are indecisive when using wired or wireless […]

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9 Best Practices For Working Remotely

Many people and companies have transitioned to working from home, meaning remote work cybersecurity is crucial. Cybersecurity is as vital as physical security, and the risks increase when your employees work from home. It is therefore essential to think about those risks and the best practices for remote work security. Cybersecurity has always been crucial […]

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Disaster Recovery for Small Business

Disaster Recovery

Disasters can be both operational and natural, and both can have a severe effect on businesses. Some do not survive the calamity, as statistics indicate that four in every ten small businesses that experience a disaster never open their doors again. It is also important to note that you should not use business disaster recovery […]

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Where Does IT Fit in Your Business?

Phoenix IT Services

Phoenix IT Support is becoming a competitive market.  This is due to the importance of IT support for small businesses and how it can help them stay competitive in their markets.  The primary goal of every business is to grow and make a profit, and for many of them to attain that goal they have […]

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How Your Small Business Should Implement Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions Phoenix

Today, whether you use it or not, the cloud is a significant part of most companies’ infrastructure. Since most workers cannot go to the office during the pandemic, it is necessary to use the cloud as the workers do not have access to the company network. Some businesses have managed to keep running without using […]

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