Why is Antivirus Software Important?

Why is Antivirus Software Important

Millennials spend more than half of their time accessing the internet from whatever device they can get a hold of. Which is why advertisers, fraudsters and hackers will use any means necessary – ergo whatever computer virus they can get a hold of – to access private data. These viruses come in all forms, from […]

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Why Should You Backup Data

Data loss is a recurrent problem. In the last few years, there has been a total shift in the trends of organizing data and hence, increased reliance on digital and electronic data. A computer has become an everyday instrument for business transactions. Therefore, the need for recovery solutions has also increased. Online storage of information […]

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How Can I Make My WiFi Stronger?

stronger wifi

How Can I Make My WiFi Stronger?  WiFi networks allow us to be more mobile in our homes or offices.  Poor performance can make the experience more annoying than useful. Here are some points to look at to make your WiFi a powerful tool. Why is my WiFi Connection Slow? As you know, the internet […]

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What to Do if Your Chandler Server is Down

chandler server is down

Your business likely has documents and confidential client or patient information that is saved but what happens when your Chandler server is down? Your business may be at a standstill, wasting time and money, and putting you behind on client work. Let’s start by figuring out what happened. If you’re not sure where to start, […]

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TECH TIP: Social Media for Medical Practices

Social Media for Medical Practices

Social media for medical practices is no longer an option but a necessity especially when it comes to building and maintaining patient relationships. Not only that but it is important to understand the online reputation of your business, the medical practice, so that you can respond and improve the service you’re providing. You can’t live […]

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Apps for Legal Professionals…and what to do when apps fail

apps for legal professionals

As a lawyer, paralegal, or court reporter, it is important to stay organized, be efficient, and protect data. At Gordian Networks, we’re all about protecting data from breaches, while at the same time, making your technology work for you. We offer these apps for legal professionals and what to do when apps fail….because we know […]

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Tech Tip: Where to Begin with Social Media Scheduling

Social Media Scheduling

When it comes to social media scheduling, the key is to first understand the best places for your business to be. Here’s a hint: It’s not everywhere. Once you’ve identified if it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and/or Pinterest, begin to curate and create content that you can share. Here’s a quick guide based on our […]

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