COVID-19 IT Support

COVID-19 IT Support

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, businesses are making decisions to keep their employees protected while maintaining business continuity and may need COVID-19 IT support.  Gordian Networks is working hard with many of it clients to provide support so they can take care of their staff while supporting Flattening the Curve.  What can Gordian Networks do to support businesses in the Phoenix area?

Remote Access

Many businesses are choosing to have their employees work from home for social distancing.  This option allows for daily work to still continue during COVID-19 but keep physical proximity to a minimum.  It also allows for flexibility as families have new needs as schools and other public places close temporarily.  Setting up remote access is a great way for employees to still access needed files.  Remote access allows staff to access files and software on shared drives on a server or work computer from their laptop or home computer.  The work computer or server can then stay at the office turned on and anything needed can be used from the home office. Gordian Networks has simple tools that are user friendly available now to get businesses ready to work from home quickly.

Virtual Communication

Even when staff is not in the office, good communication can still be achieved.  Using tools like Office 365 and Google Apps allows staff to share documents and chat through Instant Messaging.  Using a program like Microsoft Teams, part of Office 365, is a great way for individuals, groups and departments to discuss topics and issues just like they do in the office.  Virtual meetings are also a possibility for businesses through cloud based software like LogMeIn who is offering 3 months of service for free to support businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Home Computer Troubleshooting

Gordian Networks usually provides support for workstations and network equipment at the office.  When home becomes an extension of the office, it is important to provide COVID-19 IT support for home computers as well.  Gordian Networks is here to work alongside staff members when they are social distancing.

Due to COVID-19, businesses are adjusting their working environments to keep staff and the community healthy. Gordian Networks is also working hard to provide its clients COVID-19 IT support that continues to meet company needs. Not a current client?  Contact us today to access simple tools to work from home securely.

From our Gordian Networks team to yours, stay healthy and safe in these uncertain times.  Feel free to reach out to us with any COVID-19 IT support concerns.  We truly want to help businesses continue to meet their mission and support our community.