How Can I Make My WiFi Stronger?

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How Can I Make My WiFi Stronger?  WiFi networks allow us to be more mobile in our homes or offices.  Poor performance can make the experience more annoying than useful. Here are some points to look at to make your WiFi a powerful tool.

Why is my WiFi Connection Slow?

As you know, the internet is a set of computers linked by wires, a network of networks.  When you use a browser to connect to a website, your browser plays the role of a client. It receives the data through protocols such as HTTP and HTTPS and displays them in the form of pages.

Normally, if you have an high speed connection (Cable, ADSL, Fiber Optic), your provider offers you a fixed data rate for uploading and downloading. When you download or upload multiple files at the same time, the bandwidth decreases, so the connection becomes slower.

The same is true for a wireless connection (WiFi).  If multiple people use the same connection at the same time, or if a single user downloads or uploads multiple items or browses multiple pages simultaneously, the speed of navigation will drop.

Tips to Improve Your WiFi Network

How Can I Make My Wifi Stronger?

1 / Find the Best Place for Your WiFi Router
WiFi routers are not easy to place. Although they seem unpleasant with their flashing LEDs, the best place to place them is not necessarily behind a television or in an unreachable office.
We, here at Gordian Networks, believe the best placement is the center of your home or office, close to other amenities. Putting the WiFi router near other devices can improve reception, especially for equipment dedicated to sharing files and streaming content. Ethernet connection cables remain the best solution for connecting them if they are close. But avoid placing your router near a wall of brick or metal, which may limit the signal or create interference.

2 / If Your Devices Are Compatible, Switch to a Better Type of Signal
Modern devices, like iPhones, iPads, laptops or Android smartphones and tablets, often support the latest computer networking standards. Depending on their age, they may not be compatible with WiFi 802.11n or 802.11ac. But if they are less than a year old, you can switch to these new standards to ensure a stronger signal and improved data rates.

3 / Security is Important, Even for Your Performance
If you live or work in a busy neighborhood, there is a greater chance that unauthorized users will attempt to join your WiFi network. Add WPA2 security to your network, with a strong password, to reduce risk of illegitimate use. This will improve your overall performance.

4 / Think in Terms of Quality of Service (QoS) to Limit too Greedy Applications
QoS allows you to limit the bandwidth used by certain applications, which can be useful if you stream a lot of video or TV content. This means that some applications can benefit from better speeds, while other services, such as download tools, may be limited at certain times of the day.

5 / Choose the Right Channel to Limit Interference
Having your WiFi network on the same channel as other devices in your neighborhood can interfere with your network. You can use a third-party Wi-Fi scanner to determine which channels are used.Choosing a little cluttered can improve your performance.

6 / A Large Area to Cover? Invest in a Repeater
If your office or home is huge, you could buy a WiFi repeater. These devices are usually inexpensive – some routers also have an “access point” feature – and can significantly extend the reach of your network.

So, how can I make my WiFi stronger? Among the tips provided, our team at Gordian Networks can help ensure that your internet connection and wireless connection is optimized so you get the best experience possible.